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金属学报  2019, Vol. 55 Issue (5): 638-646    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2018.00301
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1. 中北大学材料科学与工程学院 太原 030051
Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites Fabricated by Thixomolding
Ting ZHANG,Yuhong ZHAO(),Liwen CHEN,Jianquan LIANG,Muxi LI,Hua HOU
1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, North University of China, Taiyuan 030051, China
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采用触变注射成形的方法制备了石墨烯纳米片(GNPs)增强AZ91D镁基复合材料,利用OM、SEM、EDS、TEM和XRD研究了GNPs含量(0.3%、0.6%、0.9%,质量分数)对镁基复合材料微观组织的影响,并进行了力学性能测试。结果表明,GNPs在基体中呈条状均匀分布,与基体结合良好,GNPs的加入能够细化晶粒尺寸和减少孔隙。与AZ91D镁合金基体相比,GNPs的添加明显提高了复合材料的强度和硬度,当GNPs的含量为0.6%时,复合材料的力学性能最好,硬度和抗拉强度分别达到92.3 HV和245 MPa。

关键词 石墨烯纳米片镁基复合材料触变注射成形力学性能    

As a new type of carbon material reinforcement, graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) have excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical properties. Adding GNPs with a large specific surface area to the magnesium matrix can significantly improve the mechanical properties, the thermal and electrical properties of the magnesium matrix. However, so far, few reports focused on GNPs reinforced magnesium matrix composites, especially for lack of feasible fabrication technologies. Thus, in the present work, a new method for fabricating GNPs reinforced magnesium matrix composites is presented. First, the GNPs were dispersed by ultrasonic dispersion. Subsequently, the AZ91D magnesium alloy particles and the uniformly dispersed GNPs were mixed in a V-type powder mixer. Finally, GNPs reinforced magnesium matrix composites were prepared by semi-solid thixomolding. The effects of GNPs contents (0.3%, 0.6%, 0.9%, mass fraction) on the microstructure and properties of magnesium matrix composites were studied. The results show that the GNPs were uniformly distributed in the matrix, which were well combined with the matrix, and the addition of GNPs could refine the grain size and reduce porosity. Compared with AZ91D magnesium alloy, the addition of GNPs improved the tensile strength and hardness of the material. When the content of GNPs was 0.6%, the mechanical properties of the composites were the best, and the hardness and tensile strength reach up to 92.3 HV and 245 MPa.

Key wordsgraphene nanoplatelet    magnesium matrix composite    thixomolding    mechanical property
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通讯作者: 赵宇宏     E-mail:
Corresponding author: Yuhong ZHAO     E-mail:
作者简介: 张 婷,女,1994年生,硕士生


张婷,赵宇宏,陈利文,梁建权,李沐奚,侯华. 触变注射成形法制备石墨烯纳米片增强镁基复合材料[J]. 金属学报, 2019, 55(5): 638-646.
Ting ZHANG, Yuhong ZHAO, Liwen CHEN, Jianquan LIANG, Muxi LI, Hua HOU. Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites Fabricated by Thixomolding. Acta Metall Sin, 2019, 55(5): 638-646.

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图1  触变注射成形设备示意图
图2  触变注射成形后复合材料试样及取样位置图
图3  石墨烯纳米片(GNPs)的TEM像与XRD谱
图4  混合GNPs前后AZ91D镁合金颗粒的宏观形貌
图5  触变注射成形后AZ91D镁合金和GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的OM像及相应的晶粒尺寸分布
图6  触变注射成形后0.6%GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的SEM像及EDS
图7  触变注射成形后0.6%GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的EDS面扫描分析
图8  触变注射成形后0.6%GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的TEM和HRTEM像
图9  触变注射成形后AZ91D镁合金及GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的XRD谱


Theoretical density


Measured density




表1  触变注射成形后AZ91D镁合金及GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的理论密度、实验密度以及孔隙率


Vickers hardness






Failure strain


表2  触变注射成形后AZ91D镁合金及GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的力学性能
图10  触变注射成形后AZ91D镁合金及GNPs/AZ91D复合材料的拉伸曲线
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