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Acta Metall Sin  2020, Vol. 56 Issue (3): 333-339    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00274
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Partially Recrystallized Structure and Mechanical Properties of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 High-Entropy Alloy
CAO Yuhan1,WANG Lilin2,WU Qingfeng2,HE Feng2(),ZHANG Zhongming1,WANG Zhijun2
1. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an 710048, China
2. State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi‘an 710072, China
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In recent years, high-entropy alloys have triggered broad research interests due to their unique and intriguing mechanical properties. In general, the increase in strength is accompanied by the reduction in ductility. Therefore, strong and ductile metallic materials have always been pursued by metallurgist. Heterogeneous structure has been reported to be very useful for overcoming the strength-ductility trade-off in metallic materials. In this work, typical partially recrystallized structure has been obtained in CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy by cryogenic rolling and annealing. The effect of partially recrystallized structure on the mechanical properties has been studied. After 35% cold rolling (RTR35%) and 35% cryogenic rolling (CTR35%) and annealed at 800 ℃ for 30 min, CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloys developed partially recrystallization microstructures featured by coarse deformed grains and fine recrystallized grains. The yield strength of the CTR35% sample is 539.3 MPa and its elongation is 46.8%, which is similar in strength but 30% higher in elongation when compared with the RTR35% sample. This can be understood from the fact that samples rolled at cryogenic temperature showed a higher volume fraction of fine recrystallized grains, resulting in better strain hardening capability.

Key words:  high-entropy alloy      rolling deformation      annealing treatment      partially recrystallized structure      mechanical property     
Received:  16 August 2019     
ZTFLH:  TG335.12  
Fund: National Key Research and Development Program of China(2018YFC0310400)
Corresponding Authors:  Feng HE     E-mail:

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CAO Yuhan,WANG Lilin,WU Qingfeng,HE Feng,ZHANG Zhongming,WANG Zhijun. Partially Recrystallized Structure and Mechanical Properties of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 High-Entropy Alloy. Acta Metall Sin, 2020, 56(3): 333-339.

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Fig.1  Microhardnesses of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy samples under different heat treatment conditions
Fig.2  XRD spectrum (a) and OM image (b) of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy under initial condition
Fig.3  OM images of the CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy samples of RTR35% (a), CTR35% (b), RTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (c) and CTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (d)
Fig.4  Inverse pole figures (IPFs) (a, c) and Kernel average misorientations (KAMs) (b, d) images of the CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy samples of RTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (a, b) and CTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (c, d)Color online
Fig.5  Engineering stress-engineering strain curves (a) and work hardening rate curves (b) of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy samples of initial condition, RTR35%, CTR35% and their heat treated samplesColor online
Sampleσy / MPaσb / MPaδ / %
Initial condition248.2623.184.7
RTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min545.9813.536.1
CTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min539.3829.946.8
Table 1  Yield strengths (σy), ultimate tensile strengths (σb) and elongations (δ) for CoCrFeNiMo0.2high-entropy alloy samples of initial condition, RTR35%, CTR35% and their heat treated samples
Fig.6  Low (a, c) and high (b, d) magnified SEM images of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high-entropy alloy samples of RTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (a, b) and CTR35%+800 ℃, 30 min (c, d)
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