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金属学报  2017, Vol. 53 Issue (5): 575-582    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2016.00500
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1 北京科技大学新材料技术研究院 北京 100083
2 航天材料及工艺研究所 北京 100076,3 中国科学院宁波材料技术与工程研究所 宁波 315201
3 中国科学院宁波材料技术与工程研究所 宁波 315201
Effect of Alternating Current on Corrosion Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel in Near-Neutral Environment
Hongxia WAN1,Dongdong SONG1,2,Zhiyong LIU1,Cuiwei DU1(),Xiaogang LI1,3
1 Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China
2 Aerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processing Technology, Beijing 100076, China
3 Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo 315201, China
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关键词 X80管线钢交流电近中性环境腐蚀行为    

The rapid development of energy, electricity, and transportation industries has created a market for steel pipes; however, buried steel pipelines near high-voltage transmission lines and electrified railways often experience alternating current (AC) corrosion at the damaged coating of pipelines; such phenomenon is mostly due to the resistance between the capacitance and inductance coupling, especially for long-distance pipelines in parallel operation. AC corrosion can cause pipeline corrosion perforation and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in some cases, which has been a vital threat to the pipeline safety. In this work, the influence of AC on corrosion behavior of X80 pipeline steel was investigated in NS4 near-neutral solution by data acquisition technique, electrochemical test, immersion tests and surface analysis techniques. Results show that with the increasing of AC density, corrosion morphology changed from uniform corrosion to localized corrosion with many pits. Under the full AC interference, X80 steel occurred cathodic and anodic polarization which resulted in iron dissolution and hydrogen precipitation. The negative half wave AC would lead to hydrogen evolution and hydrogen induced anodic dissolution, the pits in X80 steel surface present sharp. However, under disturbance of positive half-wave AC, only anodic dissolution occurred and the pitting appeared spill shape and smoothly. Under various AC waveform interference, the corrosion products of X80 steel surface were different. Under full AC wave and positive half-wave interference, the corrosion products were loose, had have no α-FeOOH and occurred cracks; however, under negative half-wave AC interference, the corrosion products were denser and contained α-FeOOH which has protective effect on substrates.

Key wordsX80 pipeline steel    alternating current    near-neutral environment    corrosion behavior
收稿日期: 2016-11-10      出版日期: 2017-02-14


万红霞,宋东东,刘智勇,杜翠薇,李晓刚. 交流电对X80钢在近中性环境中腐蚀行为的影响[J]. 金属学报, 2017, 53(5): 575-582.
Hongxia WAN,Dongdong SONG,Zhiyong LIU,Cuiwei DU,Xiaogang LI. Effect of Alternating Current on Corrosion Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel in Near-Neutral Environment. Acta Metall Sin, 2017, 53(5): 575-582.

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图1  交流电干扰下X80钢电化学装置示意图
图2  交流干扰下X80钢浸泡实验示意图
图3  X80钢在全波、负半波和正半波作用下数据采集器采集的波形
图4  X80钢在全波、负半波和正半波交流电作用下的电位
图5  X80钢在全波、负半波和正半波交流电作用下的电流密度
图6  X80钢在全波、负半波和正半波不同交流电密度作用下浸泡48 h后的腐蚀形貌
图7  X80钢在全波、负半波和正半波交流电作用下带锈形貌和腐蚀产物分析
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