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Acta Metall Sin  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (10): 1451-1460    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2018.00072
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Effect of Coarse β(Al3Mg2) Phase on Microstructure Evolution in 573 K Annealed Al-10Mg Alloy by Uniaxial Compression
Yizhe MAO, Jianguo LI(), Lei FENG
Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials, School of Material Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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Al-Mg series alloy plays an important role in offshore manufacturing, transportation and aerospace industries for its high strength-to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance and good welding performance. For high magnesium Al-Mg alloy, β phase always acts as a restraint condition to the whole thermal mechanical processing (TMP) procedure. Its positive effect is still unclear. In this work, the effect of coarse β(Al3Mg2) phase of Al-10Mg alloy annealed at 573 K for 24 h and applied double passes uniaxial compression on microstructure evolution was studied by using OM, XRD, EPMA and EBSD. The result shows that discrete coarse β phase was precipitated in the interior of grains after 573 K and 24 h annealing treatment. The true stress-true strain curve of annealed sample was lower than that of solution treated one. Hardening rate of annealed sample was lower in first compression pass, and conversely higher than that of solution treated one in the second pass. Solution Mg atoms play an important role in strain hardening during dynamic recovery. Dislocation slipping was obstructed by coarse β phase, and then low angle boundary (LAB) was stimulated near coarse β phase. Not just bulging nucleation mechanism working, dynamic recrystallization nucleation was stimulated and microstructure was refined. Since part of deformation-stored energy was lured away by LAB, lattice rotation of deformed grains were weakened possessing {001} and {101} textures simultaneously. Schmid factors of three blocks with different lattice orientations were calculated, which suggested that alloy can load more plastic deformation after annealing treatment. Texture of recrystallized new grains was weakened at the same time. Microstructure anisotropy could be controlled by coarse β phase in TMP.

Key words:  Al-10Mg alloy      annealing treatment      β(Al3Mg2) phase;      low angle boundary      grain refinement      microstructure evolution     
Received:  05 March 2018     
ZTFLH:  TG146.2  
Fund: Supported by International Science & Technology Cooperation Program of China (No.2015DFR50470)

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Yizhe MAO, Jianguo LI, Lei FENG. Effect of Coarse β(Al3Mg2) Phase on Microstructure Evolution in 573 K Annealed Al-10Mg Alloy by Uniaxial Compression. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(10): 1451-1460.

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Fig.1  OM images (a, b) and Mg EPMA mappings (c, d) of as-cast (a, c) and 573 K, 24 h annealed (b, d) Al-10Mg alloy, and XRD spectra of solution treated and annealed Al-10Mg alloy (e) (δ—angular deviation)
Fig.2  Mechanical properties of solution treated and annealed Al-10Mg alloy sample (μ—strain deviation)
(a) true stress-true strain curves
(b, c) hardening rate (θ) curves in first and second compression, respectively
Fig.3  Microstructures and statistical result of compressed Al-10Mg alloy (TD—transverse direction, RD—rolling direction)
(a) inverse pole figure (IPF) of solution treated compressed sample
(b) IPF of annealed compressed sample
(c) Kernel average misorientation (KAM) of solution treated compressed sample
(d) KAM of annealed compressed sample
(e) new grain size distribution
(f) number distribution of low angle boundary (LAB)
Fig.4  Magnified microstructure containing β phase and LAB in Fig.3 without cleanup (Numbers in Figs.4a~d are the serial number of blocks)
(a) a red deformed grain with three long LABs
(b) a green deformed grain with six long LABs
(c) a yellow deformed grain with two pixel cluster
(d) a β phase surrounded by four new grains
(e) orientation of cluster 1# in Fig.4a
(f) orientation of cluster 7# in Fig.4b
(g) orientation of cluster 13# in Fig.4c
Fig.5  IPF of solution treated (a~c) and annealed (d~f) compressed Al-10Mg alloy samples
(a, d) IPF of solution treated and annealed compressed samples, respectively
(b, e) IPF of deformed grains in samples
(c, f) IPF of new grains in samples
Fig.6  Schmid factor distribution of cluster 1#, 7# and 13#
No. Slip system 1# 7# 13#
1 (111)[01] 0.0445 0.0726 0.2449
2 (111)[10] 0.2449 0.0280 0.0816
3 (111)[10] 0.2895 0.0445 0.1633
4 (11)[110] 0.3637 0.0759 0.0816
5 (11)[101] 0.4676 0.0693 0.0816
6 (11)[01] 0.1039 0.1452 0.2449
7 (11)[011] 0.1781 0.1138 0.2449
8 (11)[10] 0.4899 0.3225 0.2449
9 (11)[110] 0.3118 0.4363 0.4899
10 (11)[011] 0.1188 0.1039 0.2449
11 (11)[10] 0.3860 0.4676 0.4899
12 (11)[101] 0.2672 0.3637 0.2449
Table 1  Schmid factors of clusters 1#, 7# and 13# in Fig.4
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