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Acta Metall Sin  2015, Vol. 51 Issue (2): 169-177    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2014.00276
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PENG Xiangyang, GUO Mingxing, WANG Xiaofeng, CUI Li, ZHANG Jishan, ZHUANG Linzhong
State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083
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Abstract  To reduce the weight of car body, Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys have been used to produce outer body panels of automobiles due to their relatively good formability in the solution treated condition and high strength in the age hardened condition. However, their formability is significantly poor compared to that of steels, which are the major drawbacks to wide-scale application of aluminum in the automotive industry. The microstructural characteristics developed during recrystallization, most notably grain size and crystallographic texture, play a dominant role in controlling the mechanical properties and formability of sheet in the T4 condition. In this work, the effect of particles with different sizes on the mechanical properties, microstructure and texture of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys was studied through tensile test, OM, SEM, TEM and EBSD measurement. The results reveal that with increase of solute concentration, the average plastic strain ratio, yield strength and ultimate tensile strength increase, but the elongation decreases and with different extents in the three directions. In addition, the number of observed particles with different sizes in the alloy matrix such as Mg2Si, Al15Mn3Si2 and α-Al(Fe, Mn)Si phases also increases. When the size and concentration of these particles are controlled appropriately, lots of finer recrystallized grains can form during solution treatment due to the particle stimulated nucleation (PSN) effect of coarse particles and pinning effect of finer particles. The main texture components include CubeND18, Goss{011}<100>, P{011}<122> and Cu{112}<111> for the alloy with fine-grained structure. At last, according to the relationship among alloy composition, thermomechanical processing and microstructure, the model of nucleation and growth of recrystallized grains affected by the particles with different sizes was also proposed。
Key words:  Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy      particle      recrystallization      texture      PSN effect     
Received:  23 May 2014     
ZTFLH:  TG166  
Fund: ; Supported by National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (No. 2013AA032403), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51301016) and Beijing Higher Education Yong Elite Teacher Project (No.YETP0409)
Corresponding Authors:  Correspondent: GUO Mingxing, associate professor, Tel: (010)82375844, E-mail:     E-mail:

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Schematic illustration of particle distribution (a, d), process of nucleation (b, e) and growth (c, f) of recrystallization grains in alloy 1 (a~c) and alloy 3 (d~f)


Schematic of alloy sheet sample for tensile test (unit: mm)


Engineering stress-strain curves of the alloy 1 (a), alloy 2 (b) and alloy 3 (c) in different directions


Yield strength (a), ultimate tensile strength (b), elongation (c) and plastic strain ratio r (d) of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys


Microstructures of alloy 1 (a, d, g, j), alloy 2 (b, e, h, k) and alloy 3 (c, f, i, l) at homogenization (a~c), annealing (d~f), cold rolling (g~i) and solution (j~l) states


Morphologies (a, c) and EDS analysis of precipitates corresponding to points A (b) and B (d) for alloy 1 (a, b) and alloy 3 (c, d)


TEM images of alloy 3 after cold rolling from 4 mm to 1 mm


Grain orientation distribution maps by EBSD analysis (a~c) and grain size distributions (d~f) in alloy 1 (a, d), alloy 2 (b, e) and alloy 3 (e, f) after solution treatment


Orientation distribution function (ODF) maps of alloy 1 (a), alloy 2 (b), alloy 3 (c) under solution treatment condition (j1, j2 and f are the Euler angles)

Table 1  

Chemical compositions of experimental Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys

Table 2  

Volume fraction of texture component in the three alloys after solution treatment

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