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金属学报  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (8): 1141-1149    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2017.00484
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刘金辉1,2, 宋影伟1(), 单大勇1, 韩恩厚1
1 中国科学院金属研究所核用材料与安全评价重点实验室 沈阳 110016
2 东北大学材料科学与工程学院 沈阳 110819
Comparative Study on Corrosion Behavior of Cast and Forged Mg-5Y-7Gd-1Nd-0.5Zr Alloys
Jinhui LIU1,2, Yingwei SONG1(), Dayong SHAN1, En-Hou HAN1
1 Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
2 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China
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采用SEM、XRD和EDS等手段观察对比了铸态和锻造态稀土镁合金Mg-5Y-7Gd-1Nd-0.5Zr (EW75)的显微组织,分析了2种状态合金中的相组成及第二相的化学成分,采用腐蚀形貌观察、失重率和电化学测试对比了2个样品的耐蚀性。结果表明,铸态EW75合金中晶粒较大,大尺寸的骨骼状第二相沿晶界分布;锻造态EW75合金中晶粒较小,细小的颗粒状第二相弥散分布在晶界上。与铸态EW75合金相比,锻造态EW75合金中的微电偶腐蚀较弱,表面膜更均匀致密,耐蚀性更好。

关键词 镁合金铸态锻造态第二相表面膜微电偶腐蚀    

Magnesium and its alloys have become increasingly attractive in the automotive, 3C products and aerospace industries because of their advantages such as low density and high specific strength. In recent years, rare earth-Mg alloys have attracted much attention due to their high mechanical properties at room and elevated temperatures. Adjusting the microstructures by deformation treatment is a common method to improve the mechanical properties of Mg alloys. The microstructure especially the size, volume fraction and distribution of second phases in rare earth-Mg alloys will be changed during deformation treatment, which has a great effect on the corrosion resistance of Mg alloys. However, the studies on the effect of deformation treatment on the corrosion resistance of rare earth-Mg alloys are far away from sufficient. In this work, the corrosion behavior of cast and forged Mg-5Y-7Gd-1Nd-0.5Zr (EW75) alloys were studied by using SEM, XRD, mass loss measurements and electrochemical tests. The results indicate that the second phases are distributed along the grain boundaries of cast and forged EW75 alloys. Meanwhile, the second phases in forged EW75 alloy are finer and lower volume fraction than that in cast EW75 alloy. The micro-galvanic corrosion of the forged EW75 alloy is weaker in comparison with the cast EW75 alloy owing to the smaller size and lower volume fraction of second phases as well more compact surface film, resulting in the better corrosion resistance.

Key wordsMg alloy    cast    forged    second phase    surface film    micro-galvanic corrosion
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ZTFLH:  O646  

作者简介 刘金辉,男,1991年生,博士生


刘金辉, 宋影伟, 单大勇, 韩恩厚. 铸态和锻造态Mg-5Y-7Gd-1Nd-0.5Zr合金腐蚀行为对比研究[J]. 金属学报, 2018, 54(8): 1141-1149.
Jinhui LIU, Yingwei SONG, Dayong SHAN, En-Hou HAN. Comparative Study on Corrosion Behavior of Cast and Forged Mg-5Y-7Gd-1Nd-0.5Zr Alloys. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(8): 1141-1149.

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图1  铸态和锻造态EW75合金表面微观形貌
图2  图1中γ和β相的EDS谱
图3  铸态和锻造态EW75合金蚀刻后表面形貌
图4  铸态和锻造态EW75合金的XRD谱
图5  铸态和锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中分别浸泡60 h和7 d后的表面微观形貌
图6  铸态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中浸泡不同时间并清除腐蚀产物后的微观形貌
图7  锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中浸泡不同时间并清除腐蚀产物后的表面微观形貌
图8  铸态和锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中的动电位极化测试结果
EW75 Ecorr / V icorr / (μAcm-2) bc / (-mVdec-1)
表1  EW75合金极化曲线的拟合结果
图9  铸态和锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中的EIS及拟合电路
EW75 Rs
ndl Rt
nf Rf
Cast 19.04 19.04 0.93 220 5081 0.85 119.1 14120 2222
Forged 18.86 17.96 0.93 262 5910 0.71 222.6 14340 1764
表2  EIS拟合结果
图10  铸态和锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中浸泡前后微电偶腐蚀截面示意图
图11  铸态和锻造态EW75合金在3.5%NaCl溶液中浸泡前后表面膜的形成截面示意图
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