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金属学报  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (4): 566-574    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2017.00240
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任维鹏1(), 李青1, 黄强1, 肖程波1, 何利民2
1 北京航空材料研究院先进高温结构材料重点实验室 北京 100095
2 北京航空材料研究院航空材料先进腐蚀与防护航空科技重点实验室 北京 100095
Oxidation and Microstructure Evolution of CoAl Coating on Directionally Solidified Ni-Based Superalloys DZ466
Weipeng REN1(), Qing LI1, Qiang HUANG1, Chengbo XIAO1, Limin HE2
1 Science and Technology on Advanced High Temperature Structural Materials Laboratory, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, China
2 Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Advanced Corrosion and Protection for Aviation Materials, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, China
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采用低压化学气相沉积法(LP-CVD)在定向凝固镍基高温合金DZ466表面制备CoAl涂层,通过900 ℃下约5000 h恒温热暴露实验,研究了DZ466合金及其表面CoAl涂层的高温氧化行为和内部组织演变。结果表明,由于CoAl涂层Al含量较高,促进了表面Al2O3的形成,改善了DZ466合金900 ℃抗氧化性能。揭示了热暴露过程中CoAl涂层基体相及析出相的演变规律,涂层的基体相由β-NiAl/CoAl相逐渐转化为γ'-Ni3Al相,涂层与基体合金间的元素互扩散促使基体相转变优先在靠近基体合金侧进行。热暴露后,CoAl涂层中间层中析出α-Cr相,α-Cr相倾向于在碳化物附近形核并依附于碳化物生长。涂层内层中有针状TCP相(μ相)析出,μ相的整齐排列形态与γ/γ'的立方化组织密切相关。涂层内部组织演变存在遗传效应。

关键词 镍基高温合金DZ466CoAl涂层氧化    

Aluminide coatings are widely employed to protect internal cooling channels of high grades blades and buckets in gas turbines have always been in severe conditions including high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion. There is a major concern for the application of aluminide coatings that refer to the inter-diffusion between aluminide coating and superalloy substrate at high temperatures. Diffusion of Al from the coating to the underlying substrate usually leads to depletion of Al in the coating, resulting in inferior oxidation resistance of the coating. Accordingly, Ni declines to diffuse counter currently from the substrate into the coating, as well as other refractory elements, such as Cr, Mo and W etc.. The inter-diffusion between aluminide coating and superalloy substrate results in degradation or various evolution behaviors of aluminide coatings, in other words, substrate composition significantly affects the properties of aluminide coatings. CoAl coating was prepared on directionally solidified superalloy DZ466 by low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LP-CVD). Oxidation behavior and microstructure evolution of CoAl coating was investigated during long term (about 5000 h) exposure at 900 ℃. Results suggested that, high concentration of aluminum did help to form Al2O3 on the surface of coating, improving oxidation resistance of DZ466 at 900 ℃. Evolution of matrix phase and precipitates in the CoAl coating during exposure was displayed, β-NiAl/CoAl phase in the coating transformed gradually to γ'-Ni3Al phase, higher transformation rate for the γ' phase closed to the substrate due to the diffusion between the coating and the sub strate superalloy. During exposure, α-Cr phase precipitated in the middle layer, which inclined to form close to carbides and grow by consuming them. Needle like TCP phase (μ phase) grew in the inner layer that arranged in order, which was due to the cubic microstructure of γ/γ'. Heredity-effect was in company with the precipitates evolution.

Key wordsNi-based superalloy    DZ466    CoAl    coating    oxidation
收稿日期: 2017-06-16     
ZTFLH:  TG174.4  

作者简介 任维鹏,男,1984年生,博士


任维鹏, 李青, 黄强, 肖程波, 何利民. 定向凝固镍基高温合金DZ466表面CoAl涂层的氧化及组织演变[J]. 金属学报, 2018, 54(4): 566-574.
Weipeng REN, Qing LI, Qiang HUANG, Chengbo XIAO, Limin HE. Oxidation and Microstructure Evolution of CoAl Coating on Directionally Solidified Ni-Based Superalloys DZ466. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(4): 566-574.

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图1  DZ466合金及DZ466-CoAl试样900 ℃热暴露时的氧化动力学曲线
图2  DZ466-CoAl试样沉积态及900 ℃热暴露不同时间后表面宏观形貌
图3  DZ466-CoAl试样沉积态及900 ℃热暴露500 h后表面XRD谱
图4  DZ466-CoAl沉积态及900 ℃热暴露不同时间后表面微观组织的SEM像和EDS分析
图5  DZ466-CoAl沉积态及900 ℃下热暴露5029 h后截面微观组织的SEM像
Phase Al Co Ni Ti Cr Mo W Hf Ta
β-NiAl/CoAl 27.39 7.98 61.69 0.56 0.78 - - - -
β 19.21 7.56 63.26 0.88 5.99 - - - -
MC - 2.80 5.37 2.93 1.09 - - 48.99 37.26
M6C - 7.55 10.27 0.68 13.56 7.80 46.37 - 12.88
M23C6 2.69 12.56 23.46 3.78 32.91 6.99 16.34 - -
μ 1.57 6.99 25.37 0.87 10.35 8.21 35.25 - 10.17
表1  图5中各相成分的EDS分析
图6  900 ℃下CoAl涂层中γ'相的生长动力学曲线
图7  CoAl涂层组织演变示意图[18]
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