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金属学报  2017, Vol. 53 Issue (4): 440-446    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2016.00491
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1 华南理工大学国家金属材料近净成形工程技术研究中心 广州 510640
2 吉林大学材料科学与工程学院 长春 130022
Fabrication of Novel Bimodal Titanium Alloy with High-Strength and Large-Ductility by Semi-Solid Sintering
Limei KANG1,Chao YANG1,2(),Yuanyuan LI1,2
1 National Engineering Research Center of Near-Net-Shape Forming for Metallic Materials, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China
2 College of Materials Science and Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun 130022, China
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提出了一种基于共晶转变形成液相的半固态烧结新技术,通过调控共晶转变的相组成(或共晶液相的含量),利用半固态烧结共晶复相系非晶粉末成功制备出高强韧新型双尺度结构Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8合金。其双尺度结构为超细晶bcc β-Ti和超细晶bcc Ti(Fe, Co)构成的层片共晶基体包围细晶等轴状fcc Ti2(Co, Fe)第二相,与目前文献报道的双尺度结构明显不同。该双尺度结构合金具有超高的屈服强度(2050 MPa)和较大的塑性应变(19.7%),综合性能优于目前文献报道的双尺度结构钛合金。

关键词 钛合金双尺度结构半固态烧结放电等离子烧结共晶转变    

According to Hall-Petch relationship, high strength of nano-grain and ultrafine-grain meta-llic materials are always accompanied by the cost of ductility because of the lack of work hardening induced by rare or absent dislocation or slip band. And various strategies including semi-solid processing accompanied by rapid solidification, recrystallization induced by plastic deformation and heat treatment, consolidation of blended powders with different grain sizes, and so on, have been developed to fabricate so-called bimodal/multimodal microstructures in the pursuit of high strength and no sacrificing ductility. As one of the most significant types of phase transformation in metallography, eutectic reaction was frequently utilized to tailor phase constitution and its microstructure due to high strength resulted from resultant lamellar eutectic structure. Generally, eutectic structure is more common in solidification and even traditional semi-solid processing for low melting point alloys (such as aluminum and magnesium alloys). In this work, a fundamentally novel approach of semi-solid sintering stemmed from the formation of liquid phase induced by eutectic transformation is introduced. Through regulation of the phase composition of eutectic transformation (or eutectic liquid content), novel bimodal Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8 alloy with high-strength and large-ductility was successfully fabricated by semi-solid sintering of amorphous alloy powder with multi-phase eutectic system. The fabricated bimodal microstructure consists of fine nearly equiaxed fcc Ti2(Co, Fe) embedded into ultrafine lamellar eutectic matrix containing bcc β-Ti and bcc Ti(Fe, Co) lamellae, which is different from bimodal microstructures reported so far. The fabricated bimodal alloy exhibits ultra-high yield strength of 2050 MPa and large plastic strain of 19.7%, superior to those of bimodal titanium alloys reported so far. The method is conducive to process high-performance new structural metallic alloys in high melting point alloy systems.

Key wordstitanium alloy    bimodal microstructure    semi-solid sintering    spark plasma sintering    eutectic transformation
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康利梅,杨超,李元元. 半固态烧结法制备高强韧新型双尺度结构钛合金[J]. 金属学报, 2017, 53(4): 440-446.
Limei KANG, Chao YANG, Yuanyuan LI. Fabrication of Novel Bimodal Titanium Alloy with High-Strength and Large-Ductility by Semi-Solid Sintering. Acta Metall Sin, 2017, 53(4): 440-446.

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图1  球磨终态Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8合金粉末的HRTEM像及其FFT谱
图2  球磨终态Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8合金粉末的DSC曲线及原位XRD谱
图3  固态烧结、半固态烧结和吸铸3种方法制备的Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8块体合金的XRD谱
图4  固态烧结、半固态烧结和吸铸3种方法制备的Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8块体合金的SEM像
图5  固态烧结、半固态烧结和吸铸3种方法制备的Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8块体合金的TEM像及SAED谱
图6  固态烧结、半固态烧结和吸铸3种方法制备的Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8块体合金的压缩工程应力-应变曲线
图7  半固态烧结双尺度结构试样的屈服强度和塑性应变与文献报道研究结果的比较
Processing method σy / MPa εe / % σu / MPa εf / %
Solid sintering 2175 4.2 2341 5.1
Semi-solid sintering 2050 3.3 2897 23.0
Suction casting 1750 3.8 2300 10.0
表1  不同加工方法制备的Ti52.1Fe21.7Co8.2Nb12.2Al5.8块体合金的压缩力学性能
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