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Acta Metall Sin  2020, Vol. 56 Issue (1): 36-52    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00129
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Research Progress of Laser Additive Manufacturing of Maraging Steels
TAN Chaolin1,2,ZHOU Kesong1,2(),MA Wenyou2,ZENG Dechang1
1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China
2. National Engineering Laboratory for Modern Materials Surface Engineering Technology, Guangdong Institute of New Materials, Guangzhou 510651, China
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Additive manufacture is recognized as a world-altering technology which triggered a world-wide intensive research interest. Here the research progress and application of the laser additive manufacturing maraging steel (MS) are systematically outlined. The advantages of selective laser melting (SLM) additive manufacture of MS is emphasized. The processing parameter and properties optimizations, build orientation based anisotropies, age hardening mechanism, gradient materials, and applications in die and moulds of SLM-processed MS are reviewed in detail. Achieving relative density of >99% in SLM-processed MS is effortless, owing to the wide SLM process window of MS. Mechanical properties of MS produced with optimized SLM processing parameters and post heat treatments are comparable to traditionally wrought parts. The build orientation hardly affects the property anisotropies of MS. The age hardening behaviour in MS follows Orowan bowing mechanism. MS-based gradient multi-materials (such as MS-Cu, MS-H13, etc.) with high bonding strength are fabricated by SLM, which provides a new approach to produce high-performance functionally gradient multi-materials components. Lastly, the application in conformal cooling moulds of SLM-processed MS is elucidated, and future research interests related to MS are also proposed.

Key words:  selective laser melting      maraging steel      laser parameter      gradient material      conformal cooling     
Received:  24 April 2019     
ZTFLH:  TG665  
Fund: Guangdong Academy of Sciences Projects(2019GDASYL-0502006);Guangdong Academy of Sciences Projects(2019GDASYL-0402004);Guangdong Academy of Sciences Projects(2019GD-ASYL-0402006);Guangdong Academy of Sciences Projects(2019GDASYL-0501009);Guangdong Academy of Sciences Projects(2017A070701027);Exterior Science and Technology Cooperation Programs of Guangzhou(201907010008);Guangdong Industrial Technology Research Institute (Guangzhou Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals) Project(2014B070705007)
Corresponding Authors:  Kesong ZHOU     E-mail:

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TAN Chaolin,ZHOU Kesong,MA Wenyou,ZENG Dechang. Research Progress of Laser Additive Manufacturing of Maraging Steels. Acta Metall Sin, 2020, 56(1): 36-52.

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Fig.1  Schematic diagrams depicting the selective laser melting (SLM) system and SLM process parameters[16]
Fig.2  Typical OM (a, d) and SEM (b, c, e, f) images of microstructures taken from the horizontal (a~c) and vertical (d~f) cross-sections of SLM-processed maraging steel (MS)[43]
MachineP / Wvs / (mm·s-1)h / μmt / μmEv / (J·mm-3)Density / %Ref.
EOS M280804005040100>99[45]
EOS M290285960110406799.9[16]
Concept laser M2-60010530-99.5[38]
Concept laser M31051501253018799.2[51]
Renishaw AM250200-904060~77About 99.0[53]
Matsuura Avance-25300700120507199.8[54]
Concept laser M2180600105309599.5[55]
Table 1  Laser parameter, heat treatments and achievable properties of SLM-produced grade 300 maraging steels[16,38,45,50,51,52,53,54,55]
AF or HTedUTS / MPaYS / MPaEl / %HardnessRef.
SLM AF106590111.530 HRC[46]
840 ℃+490 ℃, 6 h99818954.552 HRC
SLM AF1165±7915±712.4±0.135~36 HRC[16]
490 ℃, 6 h2014±91967±113.3±0.153~55 HRC
840 ℃+490 ℃, 6 h1943±81882±145.6±0.152~54 HRC
SLM AF1178-7.9381 HV[49]
840 ℃+480 ℃, 6 h2164-2.5646 HV
SLM AF1290±1141214±9913.3±1.9396 HV[51,56]
480 ℃, 5 h2217±731998±321.6±0.3635 HV
SLM AF1192-835 HRC[52]
SLM AF1100105012.1About 420 HV[38]
490 ℃, 6 h180017204.5About 600 HV
SLM AF1125-10.4About 400 HV[54]
820 ℃+460 ℃, 6 h2033-5.3618 HV
SLM AFAbout 1190-About 12.5About 350 HV[57]
490 ℃, 3 hAbout 1860-About 5.6About 560 HV
SLM AF1188±10915±136.2±1.3-[58]
460 ℃, 8 h2017±581957±431.5±0.2-
600 ℃, 10 min1659±1191557±1401.6±0.1-
Wrought1000~1170760~8956~1535 HRC[56]
Wrought aged1930~20501862~20005~752 HRC[4,59]
Table 2  Post heat treatments and achievable properties of SLM-produced grade 300 maraging steels[4,16,38,46,49,51,52,54,56,57,58,59]
Fig.3  Effect of different heat treatments on the tensile strength (Rm) (a) and break elongation (At) (b)[60]
Fig.4  Effect of laser scan strategies on crystal orientations(a) X and X-Y scan[61] (b) X-Y scan[55]
SLM directionSpecimenUTS / MPaYS / MPaEl / %HardnessRef.
HorizontalSLM AF1165±7915±712.4±0.134.8 HRC[43]
(X-Y plane)SLM aged2014±91967±113.3±0.154.6 HRC[43]
VerticalSLM AF1085±19920±2411.3±0.335.7 HRC[43]
(Z-X or Z-Y)SLM aged1942±311867±222.8±0.152.9 HRC[43]
HorizontalSLM AF1100105012.1About 420 HV[38]
SLM aged180017204.5About 600 HV[38]
VerticalSLM AF1205108012.0-[38]
SLM aged185017505.1-[38]
HorizontalSLM AF1260±79768±2913.9±2.0-[55]
SLM aged2216±1561953±873.1±0.4-[55]
VerticalSLM AF1325±51825±9614.0±1.5-[55]
SLM aged2088±1901833±653.2±0.6-[55]
HorizontalSLM AF1174106915.7382 HV[60]
SLM aged1811172910.5552 HV[60]
45°SLM AF11449916.8327 HV[60]
SLM aged180217149.9558 HV[60]
VerticalSLM AF105789213.8375 HV[60]
SLM aged1816172310.1375 HV[60]
StandardWrought1000~1170760~8956~1535 HRC[56]
Wrought aged1930~20501862~20005~752 HRC[4,59]
Table 3  Effect of built directions on mechanical properties of SLM-produced grade 300 maraging steels[4,38,43,55,56,59,60]
Fig.5  Atom probe tomography (APT) analysis of the aged MS (a)[42] and APT analysis comparing precipitates in conventionally produced and laser metal deposition (LMD)-produced MS after age treatment (b)[63]
Fig.6  TEM analyses of a SLM-produced MS sample after age-hardening (a~e)[43](a) overview showing massive nanoprecipitates embedded in amorphous matrix(b) local magnification showing precipitate morphology and(c) zoom-in image taken from the given region of Fig.6b(d, e) high-resolution TEM images showing the coherent interface with elastic strain (d) and the complete coherent interface (e)


Fiber laser energy

Build volumeScan speedBuild rate
EOS M290400 W250×250×325Max. 7Max. 23
EOS M4001 kW400×400×400Max. 7Max. 30
M2 Cusing200 W or 400 W250×250×280Max. 7Max. 20
SLM250200 W or 400 W250×250×300Max. 7Max. 20
EOS M400-4400 W×4400×400×400Max. 7Max. 100
SLM 500HL400 W×2 & 1 kW×2500×280×325Max. 15Max. 70
SLM 280400 W & 1 kW280×280×350Max. 15Max. 35
Table 4  Features of different SLM machines[70,71,72]
Fig.7  Schematic diagram of SLM manufacturing of MS-Cu gradient multi-materials[73]
Fig.8  Interfacial bonding mechanism analysis of SLM-produced Cu-MS[73](a) SEM image of interfacial melt pool(b) image showing focused ion beam (FIB) extraction of a TEM sample(c) overview of TEM thin foil(d) EDX mapping of MS-Cu bonding region(e) schematics and formation mechanism of Marangoni convection in interfacial melt pool(f) TEM image of MS-Cu interface(g) HRTEM image taken from the region g in Fig.8d
Fig.9  Comparison between the SLM-produced conformal cooling and the traditional cooling moulds (a~c)[79]
Fig.10  The MS conformal cooling mould processed by SLM hybrid tooling manufacturing technique (CNC—computerized numerical control)
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