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Acta Metall Sin  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (5): 637-646    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2017.00503
Special Issue for the Solidification of Metallic Materials Current Issue | Archive | Adv Search |
Current Research and Future Prospect on Microstructures Controlling of High Performance Magnesium Alloys During Solidification
Guohua WU(), Yushi CHEN, Wenjiang DING
National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloys Net Forming, State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composite, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
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The researches on development, application and solidification microstructures of high performance magnesium (Mg) alloys have received considerable interest recently. The solidification microstructures of Mg alloys can be effectively controlled by using directional solidification technology, rapid solidification technology and the application of external field during solidification, and thus the enhanced comprehensive mechanical properties of the materials are obtained. The current researches on solidification microstructure controlling of high performance Mg alloys by using directional solidification technology, rapid solidification technology and electromagnetic stirring were reviewed. Finally, the development trend on the controlling of solidification microstructure was proposed.

Key words:  magnesium alloy      solidification microstructure      directional solidification      rapid solidification      electromagnetic stirring     
Received:  28 November 2017     
ZTFLH:  TG146.2  
Fund: Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51775334)

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Guohua WU, Yushi CHEN, Wenjiang DING. Current Research and Future Prospect on Microstructures Controlling of High Performance Magnesium Alloys During Solidification. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(5): 637-646.

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Fig.1  Segmented primary α-Mg columnar dendrite and its secondary arms from sCT tomogram of a directionally solidified Mg-38%Zn alloy [7]
(a) expected six-fold crystallography and growth directions
(b) 3D rendering of the seven secondary arm side branches marked D1~D7, growth direction into the page
(c) primary dendrite oriented in the vertical direction
(d~j) morphologies of each of the seven secondary arms side branches and their angles relative to the stem (Figs.1d, f and i: ~54°; Figs.1e and j: ~81°; Figs.1g and h: ~60°; Figs.1d~j have the same scale)
Fig.2  Microstructural evolutions in solidification of Mg-6%Gd alloy under cooling rates R=0.033 K/s (a1~a3), R=0.1 K/s (b1~b3) and R=0.25 K/s (c1~c3) at different time, where t0 is the beginning time of solidification[19]
Alloy Tg / K Tx / K ΔTx / K Ref.
Mg58.5Cu30.5Y11 425 495 67 [26]
Mg60Cu25Y10 420 490 70 [34]
Mg65Cu25Y10 418 468 50 [35,36]
Mg61Cu28Gd11 422 483 61 [37]
Mg65Ni20Nd15 459.3 501.4 42.1 [38]
Mg85Ni5Y10 450 467 17 [39]
Mg70Zn30 352 374 22 [40]
Mg67Zn28Ca5 359 374 15 [40]
Mg65Cu15Y10Ag10 428 469 41 [41]
(Mg61Cu28Gd11)97Cd2 426 496 70 [42]
Mg65Cu20Zn5Y10 404 456 52 [43]
Mg59.5Cu22.9Ag6.6Gd11 425 472 47 [44]
Mg66Zn30Ca2.5Sr1.5 369 386 17 [45]
Mg66Zn29Ca4Ag1 369 383 14 [46]
(Mg0.585Cu0.305Y0.11)90Be10 428 478 50 [26]
Mg65Cu12.5Ag5Gd10Ni7.5 428.1 490.8 62.7 [47]
Mg65Cu7.5Ni7.5Zn5Ag5Y10 422 463 41 [48]
(Mg0.98Al0.02)60Cu30Y10 418 454 36 [49]
Table 1  Representative Mg-based amorphous alloys and the thermodynamic data[26,34~49]
Fig.3  Representative micrographs of the NZ30 alloy slurries at different stirring time of 30 s (a), 60 s (b), 120 s (c) and 180 s (d)[75]
Fig.4  Schematic diagram showing the formation of primary α-Mg phases in NZ30 alloy slurries during electromagnetic stirring[75]
Fig.5  Microstructures of AZX912 semi-solid slurry prepared by gas bubbling process under different gas flow levels of 2 L/min (a), 4 L/min (b) and 6 L/min (c)[82]
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