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Acta Metall Sin  2016, Vol. 52 Issue (11): 1413-1422    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2016.00102
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Jianhai YANG1,Yuxiang ZHANG1,Liling GE2(),Jiazhao CHEN1,Xin ZHANG1
1 Rocket Force University of Engineering, Xi'an 710025, China
2 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an 710048, China;
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In recent years, the surface nanocrystallization (SNC) technology has received extensive attentions in the field of metal material. The shot peening and surface mechanical rolling processing technology can form the gradient nanostructured (GNS) layer on the surface of metal. The material surface roughness is large generally. Therefore, the problem how to form the thick, smooth, flawless GNS layer is need to solve urgently. By means of the hybrid surface nanocrystallization (HSNC) method of both supersonic fine particles bombarding (SFPB) and surface mechanical rolling treatment (SMRT), a gradient nanostructured surface layer was formed on 2A14 aluminum alloy plate. The electrochemical corrosion behavior of the HSNC sample at the air of room temperature and low temperature liquid nitrogen was compared with that of the original sample in aqueous solution of 3.5%NaCl. The results showed that grain size increases from about 30 nm at the surface layer gradually to coarse grain size of the matrix when the sample was processed by HSNC. The total thickness of the plastic deformation layer is about 130 μm. The surface roughness Ra is about 0.6 μm with the surface microcrack disappeared. Compared to the original sample, the pitting corrosion resistance of the SFPB samples was not improved and the pitting corrosion resistance of the HSNC samples was improved. The self-corrosion potential and pitting corrosion potential increase respectively from -1.01228 and -0.29666 V in the original sample to -0.67445 and 0.026760 V at the air room temperature of the HSNC sample. The pitting corrosion resistance of the HSNC sample at the air of room temperature was the biggest. The analysis showed that the surface GNS grain, significant increase of the nanocrystal boundaries, the introduction of compressive residual stress and the decrease of surface roughness were beneficial to improve the pitting corrosion resistance.

Key words:  aluminum      alloy,      hybrid      surface      nanocrystallization,      gradient      nanostructure,      pitting      corrosion      resistance     
Received:  23 March 2016     
Fund: Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51275517) and Special Project of Xi'an University of Technology (No.2014TS002)

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Fig.1  Schematic of surface mechanical rolling treatment (SMRT) equipment[13]
Fig.3  Cross-sectional OM image of the 2A14 aluminum alloy
Fig.4  Cross-sectional SEM images of 2A14 aluminum alloy after SNC

(a) SFPB (b) SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃

(c) SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃

Fig.5  Variation of the microhardness with the depth of 2A14 aluminum alloy before and after SNC
Fig.6  Cross-sectional bright field (a, c, e, g) and dark field (b, d, f, h) TEM images of 2A14 aluminum alloy about 100 μm (a~d) and 50 μm (e~h) from surface after SFPB
Fig.7  Cross-sectional bright field (a, c, e) and dark field (b, d, f) TEM images of 2A14 aluminum alloy in the top surface layer after SNC (Insets in Figs.7a, c and e show SAED patters)

(a, b) SFPB (c, d) SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃ (e, f) SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃

Fig.8  Potentiodynamic polarization curves of 2A14 aluminum alloy before and after SNC in 3.5%NaCl aqueous solution
Sample Self-corrosion current density / (Acm-2) Self-corrosion
potential / V
Pitting corrosion potential / V
Original 9.51×10-7 -1.01228 -0.29666
SFPB 9.65×10-7 -1.07179 -0.11525
SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃ 5.71×10-8 -0.67445 0.02676
SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃ 3.83×10-7 -0.70680 0.00445
Table 2  Electrochemical parameters of 2A14 aluminum alloy before and after SNC in 3.5%NaCl aqueous solution
Fig.9  Low (a, c, e, g) and high (b, d, f, h) magnified SEM images of pitting morphologies of 2A14 aluminum alloy before (a, b) and after (c~h) SNC in 3.5%NaCl aqueous solution

(a, b) original (c, d) SFPB (e, f) SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃ (g, h) SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃

Fig.10  EDS analyses of area 1 of the original sample in Fig.9b (a), area 2 of the sample after SFPB in Fig.9d (b), area 3 of the sample after SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃ in Fig.9f (c) and area 4 of the sample after SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃ in Fig.9h (d)
Sample O Al Cl Cu
Original 67.61 21.44 8.40 2.55
SFPB 62.62 26.60 7.17 3.61
SFPB+SMRT, 20 ℃ 66.57 30.03 2.54 0.86
SFPB+SMRT, -196 ℃ 65.26 28.97 4.64 1.13
Table 3  Element contents in EDS analyses of Fig.10
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