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Microstructure Evolution Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of FeNiCrAl Alloy Reinforced by coherent NiAl Synthesized by Thermite Process
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摘要: 利用XRD、SEM、TEM等实验方法,研究了铝热合成法制备的FeNiCrAl合金的微观组织,并研究了铝热剂成分中Al的含量对合金拉伸性能的影响。结果表明,当铝热剂中Al含量不超过25.4%时,合金的主要组成相是奥氏体;当铝热剂中Al含量达到26.6%时,合金主要组成相变为铁素体,同时析出颗粒状的NiAl相;随着Al含量继续增加,颗粒状析出相逐渐被编织状组织所取代。经分析认为,编织状组织的产生是液相调幅分解的结果。铝热剂中Al的含量增加,会降低合金的断后延伸率。当铝热剂中Al含量为26.6%时,合金的抗拉强度达到最大,为640.87Mpa。
Abstract:The microstructures of FeNiCrAl alloy synthesized by thermite process was investigated by XRD, SEM, and TEM. The effect of Al content in thermites on the tensile properties of the alloy was also studied. Results show that the synthesized FeNiCrAl alloy is mainly composed of austenite phase when the thermite contain no more than 25.4wt.% Al content. The main component phase of the alloy turns into ferrite when the Al content comes to 26.6wt.%, meanwhile particle NiAl precipitates arise. With the Al content continues to increase, the particle NiAl phase is gradually replaced by the intertexture structure. Research shows that the formation of the intertexture structure is due to liquid spinodal decomposition. The elongation of the alloy decreases with the increase of the Al content in thermites. When the thermite contain 26.6wt.% Al content, the tensile strength of the alloy reaches its maximum performance, that is, 640.87 Mpa.
收稿日期: 2014-09-09     
通讯作者: 席文君   


王星 席文君 崔跃 李树杰. 铝热合成NiAl共格强化的FeNiCrAl合金的组织演化机理和力学性能研究[J]. 金属学报, 10.11900/0412.1961.2014.00497.


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