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Acta Metall Sin  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (4): 494-500    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2017.00274
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Study on Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Cold Drawn Pearlitic Steel Wire
Peibei JI, Lichu ZHOU, Xuefeng ZHOU, Feng FANG(), Jianqing JIANG
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
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Cold drawn pearlitic steel wires with ultra-high strength are widely applied in industrial fields such as bridge cables, automobile tire and springs rope. In recent years, the strengthening mechanism and microstructure evolution have been profoundly studied. In order to investigate the influence of microstructure evolution on mechanical properties, the anisotropic mechanical properties of cold drawn pearlitic steel wires were investigated by tensile test, SEM and TEM. Results indicated that the distinctions of tensile strength between three directions (parallel to the tensile axis, inclined to the tensile axis (45°), vertical to the tensile axis) were amplified with increasing strain. The effect of strain strengthening was observed in parallel and inclined directions while the vertical direction remained strength stability in 1320 MPa. The wire rod was isotropic and the fracture mode was transgranular fracture; After cold drawing, the tensile strength reached peaks in parallel direction and valleys in vertical direction. The fracture mechanism of inclined and vertical directions remained transgranular or intergranular fracture while the fracture mechanism of parallel direction was converted into microvoid accumulation fracture. In TEM, the phenomenon was discovered that due to non-homogeneous distribution in vertical direction, dislocations piled up at the boundaries resulting in stress concentration. On the contrary, the dislocations were uniformly distributed which led to homogeneous transformation in parallel direction.

Key words:  pearlitic steel wire      cold drawing      anisotropy      tensile strength     
Received:  05 July 2017     
ZTFLH:  TG142  
Fund: Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51371050), Six Talent Peaks Program of Jiangsu Province (No.2015-XCL-004), Industry-University Strategic Research Fund of Jiangsu Province (No.BY2016076-08) and Key Research Project of Jiangsu Province (No.BE2015097)

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Peibei JI, Lichu ZHOU, Xuefeng ZHOU, Feng FANG, Jianqing JIANG. Study on Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Cold Drawn Pearlitic Steel Wire. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(4): 494-500.

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Fig.1  Schematics of samples which is parallel to the tensile axis (P), 45°-inclined to the tensile axis (I) and vertical to the tensile axis (V)
Fig.2  Tensile strengths of the three directions (P, I and V) at different strains
Fig.3  Engineering stress-strain curves of three directions (P, I and V) at the strains of 0 (a), 0.6 (b) and 1.4 (c)
Fig.4  SEM images of cross-sections in pearlitic steel wire at the strains of 0 (a), 0.2 (b), 0.6 (c) and 1.4 (d)
Fig.5  TEM images of cross-sections in pearlitic steel wire at the strains of 0 (a), 0.6 (b) and 1.4 (c)
Fig.6  SEM images of cross-sections in fracture morphologies at different strains (ε)

(a) ε=0 (sample P) (b) ε=1.4 (sample P) (c) ε=1.4 (sample I) (d) ε=1.4 (sample V)

Fig.7  SEM images of fracture morphologies at ε=1.4

(a) near the fracture of sample P (b) away from the fracture of sample P (c) near the fracture of sample I (d) away from the fracture of sample I (crack propagation path) (e) away from the fracture of sample I (lamellar Fe3C) (f) away from the fracture of sample V

Fig.8  TEM images of cross-sections in fractures at ε=1.4

(a) bright field image of sample P (b) dark field image of sample P (c) bright field image of sample V

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