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金属学报  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (10): 1442-1450    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2018.00134
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林英华1,2, 袁莹1,2, 王梁1,2, 胡勇1,2, 张群莉1,2, 姚建华1,2()
1 浙江工业大学激光先进制造研究院 杭州 310014
2 浙江省高端激光制造装备协同创新中心 杭州 310014
Effect of Electric-Magnetic Compound Field on the Microstructure and Crack in Solidified Ni60 Alloy
Yinghua LIN1,2, Ying YUAN1,2, Liang WANG1,2, Yong HU1,2, Qunli ZHANG1,2, Jianhua YAO1,2()
1 Institute of Laser Advanced Manufacturing, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, China
2 Zhejiang Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of High-End Laser Manufacturing Equipment, Hangzhou 310014, China
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利用电磁复合场协同激光熔覆制备多道Ni60合金熔覆层,运用着色探伤剂、OM、SEM、EDS、XRD与硬度测试等实验手段,对制备的Ni60合金熔覆层进行测试分析。结果表明,施加电磁复合场之前,制备的Ni60合金熔覆层表面出现明显开裂,内部存在大尺寸气孔,表面成形质量差;施加电磁复合场之后,Ni60合金熔覆层表面裂纹得到了抑制,内部气孔消失,且熔覆层表面成形质量也得到了改善。同时,施加电磁复合场后,制备的Ni60合金熔覆层的脆性相(CrB和(Cr, Fe)23C6 )颗粒尺寸从4~6 μm降低至2~4 μm,且颗粒偏聚得到降低,并有效地消除了内部裂纹。施加电磁复合场之后,熔覆层内部的脆性相含量、颗粒偏聚、晶格畸变和硬度均减少,降低了裂纹萌生的几率,从而有效地抑制了内部裂纹的形成。

关键词 Ni60合金激光熔覆电磁复合场裂纹    

Ni60 alloy has been widely used in many application fields due to its excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. However, uneven microstructure was easily formed due to the effect of heat shock and heat accumulation during laser multi-track overlap process. Moreover, Ni60 alloy powder was composed of a variety of elements. The composition segregation and high content CrB, (Cr, Fe)23C6 were easily present in the coating during the laser cladding process, which can easily lead to the cracking of Ni60 alloy coating. In this work, multi-layer Ni60 alloy coating was prepared by electric-magnetic compound field assisted laser cladding. Synthesis of Ni60 alloy coating was analyzed by coloring agent, OM, SEM, EDS, XRD and microhardness tester. The results showed that cracks and large pores were to appear at the coating when the electric-magnetic compound field was not applied, and the molding quality was also poor. When the electric-magnetic compound field was applied, the surface cracks of Ni60 alloy coating were suppressed, the pores were eliminated, and the molding quality of the coating was also improved. Meanwhile, the particle size of the brittle phase (CrB, (Cr, Fe)23C6) was decreased from 4~6 μm to 2~4 μm by the aid of the electric-magnetic compound field, and the degree of particle cluster was also reduced, which was beneficial to the elimination of the internal crack. XRD, microstructure and microhardness analysis results showed that the brittle phase content, particle segregation, lattice distortion and hardness were reduced under the condition of electric-magnetic compound field, leading to the decrease of crack initiation probability, so the crack of Ni60 alloy coating was remarkably reduced.

Key wordsNi60 alloy    laser cladding    electric-magnetic compound field    crack
收稿日期: 2018-04-11      出版日期: 2018-07-02
ZTFLH:  TN249  

作者简介 林英华,男,1985年生,博士


林英华, 袁莹, 王梁, 胡勇, 张群莉, 姚建华. 电磁复合场对Ni60合金凝固过程中显微组织和裂纹的影响[J]. 金属学报, 2018, 54(10): 1442-1450.
Yinghua LIN, Ying YUAN, Liang WANG, Yong HU, Qunli ZHANG, Jianhua YAO. Effect of Electric-Magnetic Compound Field on the Microstructure and Crack in Solidified Ni60 Alloy. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(10): 1442-1450.

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图1  电磁复合场(EMCF)辅助激光熔覆过程示意图
图2  施加EMCF前后Ni60合金熔覆层的表面着色探伤图
图3  施加EMCF前后Ni60合金熔覆层纵截面OM像
图4  施加EMCF前后不同道次熔覆层厚度
图5  施加EMCF前后Ni60合金熔覆层表层和底部的XRD谱
图6  未施加EMCF的Ni60合金第1和第5道次熔覆层横截面的SEM像
图7  未施加EMCF的Ni60合金第2道次熔覆层内部裂纹和周围显微组织的SEM像
Position C Si Cr Fe Ni Mo
1 41.06 1.28 50.24 5.40 1.78 0.24
2 39.93 0.56 11.27 29.35 18.30 0.59
3 39.28 1.30 47.36 8.16 3.63 0.27
4 39.21 0.45 13.63 28.51 17.73 0.47
5 37.63 0.56 48.07 9.10 4.42 0.22
6 36.53 0.39 20.41 27.30 15.16 0.21
7 37.92 0.54 45.13 10.34 5.82 0.25
8 35.83 0.67 17.28 25.76 20.23 0.23
表1  图6和图8中不同位置的EDS分析结果
图8  施加EMCF后Ni60合金第1和第5道次熔覆层横截面的SEM像
图9  施加EMCF前后Ni60合金第1道次熔覆层横截面显微硬度
图10  施加EMCF前物相偏聚示意图
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