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金属学报  2018, Vol. 54 Issue (4): 581-590    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2017.00376
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一种Zr改性双相PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al涂层的制备及热腐蚀行为研究
蒋成洋1,2, 阳颖飞2, 张正义3, 鲍泽斌2(), 朱圣龙2, 王福会1
1 东北大学材料科学与工程学院 沈阳 110819
2 中国科学院金属研究所沈阳材料科学国家研究中心 沈阳 110016
3 中国航发南方工业有限公司 株洲 412002
Preparation and Enhanced Hot Corrosion Resistance of aZr-Doped PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al Dual-Phase Coating
Chengyang JIANG1,2, Yingfei YANG2, Zhengyi ZHANG3, Zebin BAO2(), Shenglong ZHU2, Fuhui WANG1
1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China
2 Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
3 China National South Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou 412002, China
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在镍基单晶高温合金上采用复合电镀的方法沉积Pt-Zr复合镀层,随后通过气相渗铝的方法,获得Zr改性的PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层,该涂层分为3层:外层由PtAl2颗粒弥散分布在β-(Ni, Pt)Al中的双相区组成,中间层为β-(Ni, Pt)Al及少量Cr的析出物,内层为互扩散区(IDZ)。其中,Zr元素主要固溶在外层双相区以及中间层β-(Ni, Pt)Al中。分别对Zr改性和普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层在850 ℃下Na2SO4/NaCl (75:25,质量比)混合盐中进行热腐蚀实验,结果表明,因Zr元素具有固定S和Cl的作用,可降低S和Cl在热腐蚀过程中的破坏性,故Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层比普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层具有更好的抗热腐蚀性能。经过低真空预氧化处理后,普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层表面生成的Al2O3膜较薄,在后续热腐蚀过程中并不能有效抵挡混合盐的持续入侵,涂层长期抗热腐蚀性能与原始状态PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al涂层样品接近。

关键词 Zr改性活性元素Pt-Al涂层热腐蚀    

Prior to practical service, hot-section components (e.g. airfoils and vanes) of a gas turbine engine are necessarily coated by a protective metallic coating (such as aluminide diffusion coating, modified aluminide coating and MCrAlY overlay etc.) to resist high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion. Among the modified aluminide coatings, the coating with Pt-modification has attracted great attention and is widely used in applications requiring high reliability and extended service life since it possesses superior oxidation/corrosion resistance at high temperature. The presence of Pt in aluminide coating is favorable for increasing bonding strength of oxide scale, enlarging phase region of β-NiAl and confining detrimental effect of sulphur etc. Although Pt-modification has exhibited visible benefits for acquiring better high-temperature performance, it is far from satisfaction to develop an ideal aluminide diffusion coating. Reactive elements such as Y, Hf, Zr or their oxides have been employed to modify the nickel aluminide coating system, with an aim to further improve scale adhesion and promote exclusive formation of α-Al2O3 simultaneously. In this work, a Zr-doped PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al dual-phase aluminide coating was prepared on a Ni-based single crystal superalloy by co-deposition of Pt-Zr through electroplating and subsequent aluminization treatments. The coating was mainly composed of three layers: the outmost layer consisted of double phases with PtAl2 particles dispersed in β-(Ni, Pt)Al domain, while the interlayer comprised β-(Ni, Pt)Al with small amount of Cr-precipitates, and the bottom layer was an inter-diffusion zone (IDZ). Zirconium was mainly distributed inside β-(Ni, Pt)Al solid solution in both the outmost layer and the interlayer. Compared with normal PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al dual-phase coating, the hot corrosion behavior of the Zr-doped PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al coating was assessed in a salt mixture of Na2SO4/NaCl (75:25, mass ratio) at 850 ℃ in static air. The results indicated that the Zr-doped PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al dual-phase coating exhibited superior hot corrosion resistance since Zr was confirmed able to capture and fix S and Cl to diminish their detrimental effects. Meanwhile, a pre-oxidation treatment did not effectively improve the overall hot corrosion resistance of normal PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al coating because the thin alumina scale formed during pre-oxidation was unable to prohibit the sustained inward-invasion of the mixed salt.

Key wordsZr-doping    reactive element    Pt-Al coating    hot corrosion
收稿日期: 2017-09-08      出版日期: 2018-01-29
ZTFLH:  TG174.44  

作者简介 蒋成洋,男,1991年生,博士生


蒋成洋, 阳颖飞, 张正义, 鲍泽斌, 朱圣龙, 王福会. 一种Zr改性双相PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al涂层的制备及热腐蚀行为研究[J]. 金属学报, 2018, 54(4): 581-590.
Chengyang JIANG, Yingfei YANG, Zhengyi ZHANG, Zebin BAO, Shenglong ZHU, Fuhui WANG. Preparation and Enhanced Hot Corrosion Resistance of aZr-Doped PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al Dual-Phase Coating. Acta Metall Sin, 2018, 54(4): 581-590.

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图1  N5单晶高温合金上Pt-Zr复合电镀后的表面和截面形貌的SEM像
图2  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层截面形貌的SEM像
图3  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层的XRD谱
图4  N5基体、经预氧化处理的PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al涂层、普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下在Na2SO4/NaCl (75:25,质量比)混合盐中热腐蚀质量变化曲线
图5  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀60 h后的XRD谱
图6  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀60 h截面形貌的SEM像
图7  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀100 h后的XRD谱
图8  普通和Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀100 h后截面形貌的SEM像
图9  普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀100 h后截面的EPMA面扫描结果
图10  Zr改性PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层850 ℃下热腐蚀100 h后截面的EPMA面扫描结果
图11  普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层预氧化4 h后截面形貌的SEM像
图12  普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层预氧化后和继续热腐蚀100 h后的XRD谱
图13  预氧化后的普通PtAl2+(Ni, Pt)Al双相涂层样品850 ℃下在混合盐中热腐蚀100 h后截面形貌的SEM像
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