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Acta Metall Sin  2010, Vol. 46 Issue (5): 513-527    DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1037.2009.00860
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GUO Jianting
Institute of Metal Research; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shenyang 110016
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Superalloys are extensively applied in the fields of energy industry. In the high parameter ultra--supercritical boiler used for coal--fired generation, superheater/reheater tubes must be made of superalloys which meet the requirement of good creep resistant, good fire--side corrosion resistant and steam--side oxidation resistant properties. In gas turbine engine used for gas power, turbine blades and guide vanes should be made of hot--corrosion resistant superalloys which must meet the requirements with respect to excellent high temperature corrosion resistance and long--term microstructural stability. In the field of nuclear power, heat exchange tubes used for steam generator require superalloys with excellent solution corrosion resistance. In the field of coal gasification and energy conservation and pollution reduction, the superalloys with excellent hot corrosion resistant and high temperature wear resistant properties are widely applied. In petroleum exploitation, especially in deep mining, drilling tools must be made of corrosion resistant and wear resistant superalloys because of the sour environment, the temperature of 4-150 ℃ and the existences of CO2, H2S, sand and so on. This paper makes a brief introduction on the current situation of application and development of the superalloys at home and abroad in these fields.

Key words:  superalloy      energy industry      coal power      gas power      nuclear power      petroleum exploitation     
Received:  25 December 2009     
Corresponding Authors:  GUO Jianting     E-mail:

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