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Acta Metall Sin  2020, Vol. 56 Issue (1): 21-35    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00137
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Recent Progress of Microstructure Evolution and Performance of Multiphase Ni3Al-Based Intermetallic Alloy with High Fe and Cr Contents
WU Jing,LIU Yongchang(),LI Chong,WU Yuting,XIA Xingchuan,LI Huijun
State Key Lab of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300354, China
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Owing to the high temperature resistance, excellent high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance, low density and production cost, Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloys have broad applications and attract much attention. In order to widen the application field of the Ni3Al-based superalloy, it is urgently important to improve the high-temperature performance on the basis of good weldability. Under this background, in the composition design of Ni3Al alloy, the high Fe and Cr contents can effectively enhance the phase composition and weldability of Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloys. Based on this, the microstructural characterization and phase separation sequences during solidification of a newly designed multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy modified with high Fe and Cr elements are analyzed. On account of the typical solidification structure of the multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy comprising γ'+γ dendrite, interdendritic β and γ'-envelope, etc., the microstructural evolutions of the alloy under different solution cooling rates, high temperature annealing, and long-term ageing processes are summarized. The effects of its corresponding complex microstructural variables (size of primary γ' phase, morphology of β, phase evolution in the interior of β, widening of γ'-envelope) on the creep behaviors of the multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy are systematically discussed. Recent advances in welding and joining of multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy are summarized, and the development of multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy is also prospected.

Key words:  superalloy      Ni3Al-based      composition design      heat treatment      microstructural evolution      creep behavior     
Received:  29 April 2019     
ZTFLH:  TG113.12  
Fund: National Natural Science Foundation of China(51474156);National Natural Science Foundation of China(51604193);National Natural Science Foundation of China(U1660201);National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(2015AA042504)
Corresponding Authors:  Yongchang LIU     E-mail:

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WU Jing,LIU Yongchang,LI Chong,WU Yuting,XIA Xingchuan,LI Huijun. Recent Progress of Microstructure Evolution and Performance of Multiphase Ni3Al-Based Intermetallic Alloy with High Fe and Cr Contents. Acta Metall Sin, 2020, 56(1): 21-35.

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Fig.1  SEM image of a newly designed as-cast multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy
Fig.2  TEM bright-field images for the γ'+γ dendrite of multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy at low (a) and high (b) magnification, and corresponding SAED patterns for marked areas of A (c) and B (d) in Fig.2b (The zone axis is parallel to [11?0]γ' and [011?]γ)
Fig.3  Schematics of the separating sequence of the main precipitates during solidification of a multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy(a) first generation of γ dendrite (γD) from liquidoid of alloy(b) subsequent transformation of interdendritic β in residual liquidoid and precipitation of rod-like Cr3C2 carbides in interdendritic β(c) formation of γ'-envelope in the residual liquidoid around β(d) precipitations of cuboidal primary γ' phase (γ'I) in the γ dendrite and acicular γ' phase in the interdendritic β(e) precipitations of ultrafine secondary γ' phase (γ'II) in the γ-channels and spherical α-Cr particles in the interdendritic β
Fig.4  The average size and volume fraction of primary and secondary γ' precipitates in γ'+γ dendrite as functions of the applied cooling rates[73]
Fig.5  Low (a~c) and high (d~f) magnified SEM morphologies of the interdendritic β phase in alloy subjected to 1200?℃, 10?h solution treatment and cooled at water cooling (138?℃/s) (a, d), air cooling (72?℃/s) (b, e) and furnace cooling (0.05?℃/s) (c, f), revealing the effects of cooling rate on the evolution of the interdendritic β-matrix and interior precipitates (SFs—stacking faults) [73]
Fig.6  HRTEM images of the semi-spherical α-Cr particles in the interdendritic β-matrix of the alloy subjected to 1200?℃,10?h solution treatment and followed by air cooling (a~f)[73]
Fig.7  SEM images (a~e) and creep curves (f) of the 1160~1280 ℃, 10 h annealed and untreated as-cast samples, showing the aggregation and coarsening of the interdendritic β phase during the annealing process of multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy and corresponding effects on creep properties at 800 ℃[65]


Interdendritic βSize of γ'+γ dendrite

Steady-state creep rate ε˙ss


Creep strain to fracture εtotal / %

Creep rupture life

ttotal / h

Volume fraction










Table 1  Microstructure information and corresponding creep properties at 800 ℃, 200 MPa of the multiphase Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloys after annealing treatments of 1160~1280 ℃ for 10 h[65]
Fig.8  SEM image of the formed R-type γ' rafts in the γ'+γ dendrite of as-cast alloy after 800 ℃, 1000 h long-term ageing treatment and crept up to fracture at 800 ℃, 220 MPa
Fig.9  SEM image of the intersected plate-like γ' precipitates in the interdendritic β of as-cast alloy after ageing at 800 ℃ for 1 h
Fig.10  Schematic diagrams for the widening mechanism of γ'-envelope phase in alloy(a) γ'-envelope with 2.1 μm in width and Cr23C6 carbides at the interfaces around the γ'-envelope of the 1200 ℃, 10 h annealed sample(b) γ'-envelope with 6.0 μm in width and Cr23C6 carbides in the interior of γ'-envelope of the 1200 ℃, 10 h annealing followed by 800 ℃, 1000 h aged sample
Fig.11  TEM image of dislocations in the γ′+γ dendrite of the 1200 ℃, 10 h annealing sample after crept up to fracture at 800 ℃, 200 MPa
Fig.12  Longitudinal microstructures near the fracture surface of 1200 ℃, 10 h annealing followed by 800 ℃, 1000 h aged sample after crept up to fracture at 800 ℃, 220 MPa, showing that the initiation and propagation of creep cracks at the grain boundaries (GBs) (a) and at the interface of γ'-envelope/interdendritic β, in the interior of β, and around the carbides in widened γ'-envelope (b)
Fig.13  Low- (a) and high- (b) magnified fracture surfaces of the 1200 ℃, 10 h annealing sample after 800 ℃, 1000 h ageing treatment crept up to fracture at 800 ℃, 220 MPa
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