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金属学报  2019, Vol. 55 Issue (9): 1095-1114    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00078
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钢铁研究总院高温材料研究所 北京 100081
Recent Development of Nickel-Based Disc Alloys andCorresponding Cast-Wrought Processing Techniques
ZHANG Beijiang(),HUANG Shuo,ZHANG Wenyun,TIAN Qiang,CHEN Shifu
High Temperature Materials Research Division, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Beijing 100081, China
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近年来一系列新型的高性能变形高温合金盘材在航空发动机和燃气轮机上获得了重要应用,这些盘材合金在追求高承温能力的同时更加注重服役性能、工艺性能与全寿命成本之间的平衡。国内在三联熔铸直径508 mm自耗锭、多重循环热机械处理制备直径300 mm以上细晶棒材、盘件热模锻成型与组织性能控制等关键制备技术取得突破的基础上,成功研制了GH4065、GH4720、GH4175与GH4975等一系列高性能盘材合金及全尺寸锻件,为先进军用涡扇发动机、大涵道比商用发动机提供了高可靠性、低成本的盘件选材方案。为充分发扬变形盘材在可靠性与成本方面的特有优势,需要在高性能盘材的合金设计与成分优化、自耗锭冶金缺陷的预防与识别、自由锻开坯的效率与成材率提升、双组织双性能盘件制备等方面进一步开展深入的研究工作。

关键词 镍基高温合金盘类锻件化学成分制备工艺组织性能    

The newly developed high-performance cast-wrought alloys have been widely applied in advanced turbine engines in recent years, particularly, served as turbine disc and compressor disc. The significant breakthrough has been made on the processing techniques for these highly alloyed disc alloys, including the triple-melting of the large-scale ingots with the diameter more than 500 mm, conversion of the large-scale ingot and the processing of fine-grained billets with the diameter more than 300 mm, customization of the microstructures and properties of disc forgings. The chemical compositions can be well controlled on vacuum arc remelting (VAR) ingots, including the ultra-low carbon content lower than 0.011%. The white spots and freckles have been found to be the primary defects on large-scale VAR ingots, which is triggered by the improper re-melting parameters. The metallurgical defects can be identified on fine-grained billets via supersonic inspection. The investigations have shown that the existence of the micro-duplex structure opens a window for the processing of these highly alloyed disc alloys with up to more than 60% mass fraction of precipitates. Via a multicycle thermal-mechanical processing technique, the hot working process of the disc alloys, can be achieved in a cost-effective way, and the un-recrystallized grains can also be eliminated efficiently. The above-mentioned techniques have greatly promoted the development and application of the high-performance disc alloys, such as GH4065, GH4720, GH4175 and GH4975, et al. These alloys can provide a promising solution of high reliability combined with low life cycle cost for military and commercial gas turbines. Nonetheless, in order to maximize the advantageous of cast-wrought disc alloys on reliability and cost-effective ratio, the comprehensive understanding about the prevention and identification of metallurgical defects, increase in the yield rate of materials during conversion, processing of fine-grained billets and dual-property disc forgings, is still needed.

Key wordsNi-based superalloy    disc forging    chemical composition    processing    microstructure and property
收稿日期: 2019-03-22     
ZTFLH:  TG146.1  
通讯作者: 张北江     E-mail:
Corresponding author: Beijiang ZHANG     E-mail:
作者简介: 张北江,男,1973年生,教授级高级工程师,博士


张北江,黄烁,张文云,田强,陈石富. 变形高温合金盘材及其制备技术研究进展[J]. 金属学报, 2019, 55(9): 1095-1114.
Beijiang ZHANG, Shuo HUANG, Wenyun ZHANG, Qiang TIAN, Shifu CHEN. Recent Development of Nickel-Based Disc Alloys andCorresponding Cast-Wrought Processing Techniques. Acta Metall Sin, 2019, 55(9): 1095-1114.

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图1  国外变形高温合金盘材的发展历程
AlloyMass fraction ofMass fraction of γ′γ-γ′ mismatch at 760 ℃γ′ solvus temperature
Al+Ti+Nb / %at 760 ℃ / %%
表1  高合金化变形高温合金盘材的特征参数对比[3,4,5,8,14,23,24,25,26,27,28]
图2  变形盘材高温持久性能与合金化程度之间的关系
图3  热力学计算获取的GH4065合金MC碳化物析出温度与C含量的关系
图4  变形高温合金盘锻件的标准制备工艺流程及其关键技术问题
图5  双真空熔铸工艺制备的GH4586合金盘锻件上发现的白斑缺陷
图7  开坯工艺不当造成的GH4065合金棒材低倍粗晶
图8  不同γ'质量分数盘材合金双相细晶组织的超塑性变形行为
图6  GH4065合金直径300 mm棒材上观察到的通道偏析缺陷
图9  真空电弧重熔过程中通道偏析诱发与生长机制的数值模拟研究
图10  GH4065合金通道偏析缺陷在开坯过程中的形态演变及其在棒材上的超声波探伤识别
图11  GH4065合金盘锻件上通过超声波探伤确认的脏白斑缺陷
图12  盘材合金热塑性加工过程中沉淀强化相γ'与位错之间的交互作用
图13  GH4065合金热塑性加工过程中在应变诱导γ'相不连续沉淀机制作用下形成的特殊组织形态
图14  热模拟拉伸实验中GH4065合金铸态组织与双相细晶组织的断面收缩率对比
图15  不同γ'相质量分数盘材合金在超塑性变形过程中的γ+γ'双相细晶组织形态
图16  大推力涡扇发动机用GH4065合金盘锻件及其低倍组织均匀性
图17  全尺寸变形盘锻件的热处理态微观组织
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