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Acta Metall Sin  1997, Vol. 33 Issue (1): 78-84    DOI:
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WU Renjie (Shanghai Jiaotong University; Shanghai 200030)
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Abstract  This article presents a review on the development condition of metal matrix composites (MMCs), includes its recent situations, varieties, production techniques, applications and existent problems. Some researching topics with great demand such as interface structure and behaviours, solidification, manufacturing science on some popular varieties of MMC and in situ technologies are also involved. On the base of these situations, a future development view is prospected.
Key words:  metal matrix composites      interface      in situ composites     
Received:  18 January 1997     
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WU Renjie (Shanghai Jiaotong University; Shanghai 200030). THE PRESENT CONDITION AND PROSPECTS ON METAL MATRIX COMPOSITES. Acta Metall Sin, 1997, 33(1): 78-84.

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