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金属学报  1958, Vol. 3 Issue (2): 111-119    
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Lu CHAO-CHI;SHEN PONG-JU;KING DA-KONG;WU TZU-LIANG Institute of Metallurgy and Ceramics;Academia Sinica
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摘要: 用木炭还原沸腾钢铁鳞,可获得含铁>98.5%,适合于粉末冶金用的优质铁粉.在1000℃左右的还原过程中,在金属铁出现之前,在数分钟内Fe_2O_3和Fe_3O_4几乎都已全部还原成浮士体,但后者还原成金属铁的阶段,则须经历数十分钟之久,因此后一阶段便成为还原过程中控制的一步.在浮士体还原成金属铁的阶段,所生成的多孔性金属铁并不阻碍气相的扩散;还原的速率由浮士休-金属铁相界面的表面反应所控制,而表面反应的速率则受CO的生长速率所限制。浮士体表面的金属铁层成长所需的激活能约为57000卡/克分于,与用固体碳发生CO的反应所需的激活能相同。实验的结果更指出,不同温度下浮士体还原速率个同的原因,是由温度对CO发生速率的影响所引起。
Abstract:By the reduction of mill scale of rimmed steel with charcoal,a high gradeiron powder(>98.5% Fe)suitable for powder metallurgy can be obtained. In the course of reduction at about 1000℃,Fe_2O_3 and then Fe_3O_4 was almostcompletely transformed into Wüstite within a few minutes prior to the formationof metallic iron;but the reduction of Wüstite to metallic iron lasted a much lon-ger time.Therefore the last stage reaction controls the whole reduction process.Inthe last stage of reduction,the iron substrates formed on the surface of Wüstite areporous and permeable to gaseous diffusion.The reduction rate is controlled by thesurface reaction on the Wüstite-iron interface,but the rate of this surface reactionis limited by the velocity of CO formation.The activation energy for the growth of iron substrates on the Wüstite surfacewas determined to be 57000 cal/mole,being comparable to the activation energyfor CO formation in most solid reducing agents such as coke,graphite and coal.Experimental results rther indicate that the effect of temperature on the reduc-tion rate of Wüstite arises from the temperature dependence of CO generation oncharcoal.
收稿日期: 1958-02-18     


卢肇墓;沈邦儒;金大康;吴自良. 氧化铁还原的速率[J]. 金属学报, 1958, 3(2): 111-119.
. THE RATE OF IRON OXIDE REDUCTION WITH CHARCOAL. Acta Metall Sin, 1958, 3(2): 111-119.

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