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Acta Metall Sin  2020, Vol. 56 Issue (4): 539-548    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00419
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Systematical Innovation of Heat Resistant Materials Used for 630~700 ℃ Advanced Ultra-Supercritical (A-USC)Fossil Fired Boilers
LIU Zhengdong(),CHEN Zhengzong,HE Xikou,BAO Hansheng
China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group Co. Ltd. , Beijing 100081, China
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To date, the 600 ℃ ultra-supercritical (USC) fossil fired power plant is the most advanced in the world. The research and development of 630~700 ℃ advanced ultra-supercritical (A-USC) fossil fired power plant will lay the thermal power technology in China in the international leading position, which is of important strategic significance to realize the national energy conservation and emissions reduction targets. Heat resistant material is the technical necking to further increase the steam parameter of thermal power plants. This paper briefed the-state-of-the-art of heat resistant materials used for 630~700 ℃ A-USC fossil fired power plant worldwide and clarified the critical candidate materials which are on the top priority to develop in China. The selective metallurgical processing design and selective strengthening mechanism, concluded by the author to design and improve heat resistant materials, was introduced. Under the guidance of the selective strengthening mechanism, G115? martensitic steel used for 630~650 ℃, C-HRA-2? and C-HRA-3? alloy used for 650~700 ℃, and C-HRA-1? alloy used for 700~750 ℃ have been successfully developed, which built a complete heat resistant material system to cover 630~700 ℃ A-USC fossil fired power plant. The boiler tubing and piping of these novel heat resistant materials have been industrially manufactured.

Key words:  630~700 ℃ steam temperature      advanced ultra-supercritical      fossil fired boiler      novel heat resistant material     
Received:  09 December 2019     
ZTFLH:  TB35  
Fund: National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFB0305200)
Corresponding Authors:  Zhengdong LIU     E-mail:

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LIU Zhengdong,CHEN Zhengzong,HE Xikou,BAO Hansheng. Systematical Innovation of Heat Resistant Materials Used for 630~700 ℃ Advanced Ultra-Supercritical (A-USC)Fossil Fired Boilers. Acta Metall Sin, 2020, 56(4): 539-548.

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Sanicro 250.04~0.10<0.40<0.6021.5~23.523.5~26.5-3.0~4.01.0~2.0
Inconel 6170.05~0.15≤1.0≤1.020.0~24.0Bal.8.0~10.0-10.0~15.0
Inconel 7400.005~0.08≤1.0≤1.023.5~25.5Bal.


T/P910.06~0.100.18~0.25≤0.010.035~0.070≤0.001≤0.10Bal.ASME SB 213/213M
T/P920.04~0.090.15~0.25≤0.010.030~0.0700.001~0.006-Bal.ASME SB 213/213M




Bal.ASME SB 213/213M
S310420.20~0.60--0.15~0.35--Bal.ASME SB 213/213M
Sanicro 250.40~0.60--0.20~0.300.002~0.0082.5~3.5Bal.ASME SB 213/213M
Inconel 617--≤0.6-≤0.006≤0.5≤3.0ASME SB 167
Inconel 740


-0.5~2.5Al 0.2~2.00.0006~0.006


≤3.0ASME Code Case 2702
Table 1  Compositions of typical boiler heat resistant materials
Fig.1  TEM image of martensite lath of G115? steel after ageing at 650 ℃ for 8000 h
Fig.2  M23C6 coarsening of G115? steel during ageing at 650 and 700 ℃
Fig.3  Creep rupture strength of G115? and P92 steels at 650 ℃
Fig.4  Comparisions of oxidation resistances of G115? (a) and P92 (b) steels at 650 ℃
Fig.5  Microstructure characterization of oxide scale formed on G115? steel at 650 ℃ for 2000 h(a) bright field image in the vicinity of scale/substrate interface(b) STEM image in the vicinity of scale/substrate interface(c) SAED pattern of FeCr2O4 phase(d) schematic of oxide scale formed on G115? steel
Inconel61720.0~24.010.0~15.08.0~10.00.8~1.5≤0.60.05~0.15≤0.006----Bal.ASME SB 167
Inconel617B21.0~23.011.0~13.08.0~10.00.8~1.30.25~0.500.05~0.080.001~0.005≤0.6≤0.6--Bal.DIN 2.4673
Table 2  The chemical compositions of Inconel617, Inconel617B, C-HRA-3? and C-HRA-2? alloys[21,22]
Fig.6  Impact energy of C-HRA-3? during 700 ℃ ageing
Fig.7  Creep rupture testing curve of C-HRA-3? alloy at 700 ℃
Fig.8  Variations of impact energy of C-HRA-2? heat resistant alloy with ageing time at 675 and 700 ℃
Fig.9  Creep rupture testing curves of C-HRA-2? heat resistant alloy at temperatures of 650~700 ℃Color online
Fig.10  SEM (a) and TEM (b) images of cellular carbide in Inconel740H alloy, SAED patterns of cellular precipitates and matrix (c) and TEM image of cellular/matrix interface marked by circle in Fig.10b (d)
Fig.11  Creep rupture testing curves of C-HRA-1? alloy at 750 and 800 ℃
Fig.12  Schematic of heat resistant materials for Chinese 600-630-700 ℃ advanced ultra-supercritical fossil fired boiler
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