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金属学报  2019, Vol. 55 Issue (9): 1185-1194    DOI: 10.11900/0412.1961.2019.00085
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东北大学材料各向异性与织构教育部重点实验室 沈阳 110819
Deformation Behavior and Strengthening-Toughening Mechanism of GH4169 Alloy with Multi-Field Coupling
WANG Lei(), AN Jinlan, LIU Yang, SONG Xiu
Key Laboratory for Anisotropy and Texture of Materials, Ministry of Education, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China
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关键词 GH4169合金多场耦合塑性变形强韧化    

The superalloy is one of key metal materials, representing the level of scientific and technological development. Nickel-based superalloy is the most important which has been widely used for rotating component of aerospace. Nickel-based GH4169 alloy shows excellent combination properties including good fatigue property, excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, as well as the microstructure stability during long-term ageing. The using amount of GH4169 alloy is about 45% of total wrought superalloys. For satisfying high performance of aero-engine, both strength and ductility of GH4169 alloy at high temperature are required to be simultaneously improved for safety servicing. It is an effective method to strengthen alloys by adding alloying elements. The alloying element addition ratio of GH4169 alloy is more than 40%, which unavoidably leads to hard deforming and plasticity declining, so that it restricts the further application of the alloy. Therefore, it is key to find methods realizing strengthening-toughening and without any losing of hot-deforming ability. In this work, the plastic deformation behavior and strengthening-toughening mechanisms of GH4169 alloy with multi-field coupling (electric-pulse current (EPC)/temperature/stress) were investigated. The results show that the deformation resistance of GH4169 alloy decreases and plastic deformation ability increases with multi-field coupling. The thermal vibration of atoms enhances and thus leads to decreasing of Peierls force with multi-field coupling, which is the essential factor on decreasing of deformation resistance and increasing of plastic deformation coordinate ability. When the alloy aged with electric-pulse treatment (EPT)/temperature coupling, the ultimate strength, yield strength and fracture elongation increase simultaneously at elevated temperatures. The vacancy concentration increases of the alloy aged with EPT/temperature coupling. Vacancy induces ultrafine nm-sized γ" phase to precipitate during tensile deformation at high temperature, which is the key factor on strength and ductility improvement. At the same time, because of the EPT/temperature coupling ageing, part of γ" phases precipitate around dislocation, while, due to the increasing of γ" phase size, the ductility of the alloy will be improved. With the multi-field coupling treatment, the strengthening-toughening of GH4169 alloy can be realized depended on an appropriate distribution of two kind sizes of γ" phase.

Key wordsGH4169 alloy    multi-field coupling    plastic deformation    strengthening-toughening
收稿日期: 2019-03-27     
ZTFLH:  TG132.3  
通讯作者: 王磊     E-mail:
Corresponding author: Lei WANG     E-mail:
作者简介: 王 磊,男,1961年生,教授,博士


王磊, 安金岚, 刘杨, 宋秀. 多场耦合作用下GH4169合金变形行为与强韧化机制[J]. 金属学报, 2019, 55(9): 1185-1194.
WANG Lei, AN Jinlan, LIU Yang, SONG Xiu. Deformation Behavior and Strengthening-Toughening Mechanism of GH4169 Alloy with Multi-Field Coupling. Acta Metall Sin, 2019, 55(9): 1185-1194.

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图1  拉伸试样尺寸
图2  GH4169合金固溶处理显微组织的SEM像、TEM像及SAED花样
Temperature / ℃Frequency / Hzσb / MPaσs / MPaδk / %
表1  GH4169合金耦合场拉伸性能
图3  GH4169合金耦合场拉伸变形断口形貌
图4  GH4169合金耦合场拉伸中不同阶段移除和恢复脉冲电流应力-应变曲线
图5  GH4169合金800 ℃耦合场下拉伸变形5%时位错组态
图6  GH4169合金800 ℃耦合场下拉伸变形至12%变形量时γ"相TEM像
图7  GH4169合金800 ℃耦合场下拉伸变形断口侧面组织的SEM像
图8  GH4169合金在800 ℃耦合场下拉伸变形至12%时δ相形貌
图9  750 ℃常规时效及耦合场时效处理20 min后GH4169合金750 ℃高温拉伸变形应力-应变曲线
图10  800 ℃常规时效及耦合场时效处理不同时间后GH4169合金800 ℃拉伸变形应力-应变曲线
图11  800 ℃常规时效及耦合场时效处理20 min后GH4169合金800 ℃拉伸变形5%时显微组织的TEM像
图12  800 ℃耦合场时效处理20 min后GH4169合金在800 ℃拉伸变形5%时数纳米级γ"相形貌
图13  800 ℃耦合场时效处理20 min后GH4169合金800 ℃拉伸断口侧面显微组织的TEM像
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